Issue 16

scissors & spackle: 2021, Issue 16

Editor’s Note


One of my favorite things about scissors & spackle is that I can approach each issue with some expectation and always have that expectation totally dismantled.  I went into open submissions for issue 16 hoping for the same kind of delicious, beautiful, blue-collar and sometimes low brow work we saw for issue 15. As always, what I got was delicious beautiful writing, but the tones of issue 16 struck comedic, heartbreaking at moments, and sometimes fantastical. This ethos of issue 16 is unlike any we have seen previously.

Although by now I am tired of talking about viruses and pandemics and turmoil, it would be a disservice to ignore it. I read for issue 16 during the nebulous middle time between the initial release of the Covid-19 vaccine and the end of the mask mandates. My sense is that many of the pieces in this issue are that they were composed during the previous 12 months of instability and insecurity. Now, this issue will be released as the US, and the world, face another wave of Covid-19 related doubt around the Delta Variant.

When the initial lockdown orders were issues, many social media feeds were packed with promises of inner exploration and creativity. While it sure didn’t turn out that way for me, knowing that y’all were out there working like this was a comfort. I don’t know where we will all find ourselves as this issue is released, but may it be a salve that in the darkest of days as in the brightest of hours, art survives. Writers write.

Stay fearless and defy categorization.


Big Love,



Be Well. Write Well. Read Well.



Chiclets, Coheed and Cambria Is My Favorite Font & From Pretend I Am Real, Leigh Chadwick

Pale in Your Shadow, All the Things Come Back to You & Long Space Jam, Matthew Schultz

It Was Never the Wolves & The Red Skirt, Lorelei Bacht

One Millennial’s Mourners Kaddish, Lucas Scheelk

Faith Rain Run, Kelly O’Toole

When Gillian’s Here, Natascha Graham

Escape Zone, Robert Kenter

The Scrumptious Conclusions Lingering, Thomas Osatchoff

Stheno Sends Her Love, In Perpetuity & Prophet of Regret (#13), Steve Passey


Killing Flies, Rosaleen Lynch

When My 13 Year Old Decides to Do His Own Laundry, Caroljean Gavin


What I Would Tell You…If You’d Just Answer The Phone & A Clairvoyant, an Amateur Stand-up Comedian, and No Punchline, Megan Cannella

Puzzling, Holly Rae Garcia

Featured Writer

Interview with Leigh Chadwick