Long Space Jam

by Matthew Schultz


UFO, “Prince Kajuku”


A man with feathers in his hair walked down the empty street, tapping his staff rhythmically against the asphalt. With each strike, the Earth trembled, and sparks drifted into space as if miniature rocket ships destined to fade away. The man with feathers in his hair sang a six-note song in the language of smoke signals: risin’; risin’. A glimmer in the gutter caught his eye. The man bent down to pick it up. He held it in his hand. The glimmer left a trace like a snail traversing garden stones. It was happiness. The man put the happiness into his pocket and carried on into the everlasting night.




Matthew Schultz is the author of two novels: On Coventry and We, The Wanted. His recent poems appear in Olney Magazine, Second Chance Lit, and Glitchwords. He has a poetry chapbook forthcoming from 2River Press this fall titled Parallax as well as a full-length collection (Icaros) and a chapbook (With Ghosts) forthcoming from ELJ Editions in May 2022.