We Regret To Inform You That You Are Not Good Enough

by Lisa Thornton


While we enjoyed your offering and appreciated the time and effort it obviously took, unfortunately it is not what your father is looking for right now.

Please do not take this as a commentary on the worth of your submission, it may simply not be what is right for him at this moment. He has other daughters similar to you who have been appearing in his life recently, and the sheer number of daughters he has accrued make it difficult for him to spend quality time with any of them.

But know that your effort was carefully considered. We sincerely wish you the best in finding another father to spend time with you at this moment. Please remember we are always open for submissions should you care to try us again.

We applaud your diligence and hope to see more of your efforts in the future.



Lisa Thornton lives in Illinois with her husband and son. She has poetry in Matter Literary Journal, Roi Faineant and Fiery Scribe Review. She has a BFA in Political Science and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Maybe someday she will master something. She can be found most days staring out the window waiting for the corn to grow tall and on Twitter @thorntonforreal.