the mercury bible

by Barbara Genova


happy sunday my friend my dove

d as in deliberate, it’s a choice

pope always ends the sunday service with buon pranzo – enjoy lunch

and ricordatevi di pregare per me – please remember to pray for me

what a closer huh, much appreciated

so i’ve been wondering

would you turn

if i asked, would you slam the door shut

and come at me and kick my knees open wide

and stare me down as you move

would you wait for all guests to leave it would be the adult thing to do

would you take your belt off as i twisted

would you react if i swiped a foot under your right knee and i took you down would it be a surprise

or if i flamed on sight grabbed your head ripped your neck apart

would you drive a thumb into the collarbone and get a laugh off my teeth jumping out

wait can we do this?: can you?,

can you spin five fingers in the air like you’re pulling on a string

and raise me high up from the frame

and release me with a click / down girl / and pull me again

from the ground, up



Barbara Genova (she/her/they) is the pen name of a public person who changed her mind. Poetry written as Barbara has been published / is forthcoming at The Daily, Anti-Heroin Chic, Sledgehammer Lit. She can be found on Twitter @CallGenova  and on Instagram @thebarbaragenova