Seaworthy this Vessel

by Jesse Miksic

She a rogue wave,

Gathered from a thousand

Empty gestures to

Face down the night


My love the

Sea floor, the silt

Of a slow fingertip that

Tries to keep the storm awake


Her step the

Maelstrom of an

Air-conditioned hallway,

Damp with cycling neon


The rusted corpses of

Aircraft carriers litter

Our settled life, a bay

Still ready to be trawled —


These places move

Around us, we lift

The water


She will find me waiting

At the center

Jesse Miksic is a graphic designer and writer living in the suburbs of Philadelphia. He spends his life writing poetry, prioritizing existence over essence, and having adventures with his awesome family. Recent placements include Deracine Journal, deathcap, Neuro Logical, and Cape Magazine.