by Giles Goodland

First blackbird of March, tune slightly different from the year before. The first-person pronoun considers itself as old as the first organ for pushing words out, is drunk with evening’s first mouthful.

The first time someone guides me there. They show me this huge white eye is the first of philosophers. The lungful of hot smoke makes my eyes first itch, obliging me to rub them; then suppurate.

Curl the hair first, then sweep it up in fill patterns. Sever the first joint of each leg: heat the face-end first to a low red heat, draw the skin off the body to the shoulders; cut the first joint off the fore-legs.

Pain first on right, then on left side of back of neck on moving head between the first position and the fibre-optic front sight. The first view one gets of Darwin is a dog playing with a ball.

Put your fists at your knees, understand them slowly and carefully for the first week or two. First, select the text, actuate the first portion of the cocking member to be moved from the first position part-way towards the second.

Fit the first computer with a mercury delay-line memory and feed rollers. Pass silently over the first moving pictures, the workers leaving the factory, flicker of a dimly captured world.

You must first find a matrix of relative loss (a matrix of grief). The first lines specify which shell to use in the long first draft which we cannot delete.

Municipal use has first priority, instream flow has third. If the overhead is considerable, record this in the first row. To do this, first activate the developer tab. Open the first pop-up menu, choose Contents, type the string.

Keats first introduces the architectural figure as a mansion of biological configuration spaces, similar to those one hears from children the first time they visit the zoo.

Racing to his first day of school, he watches gliding eagles circling a cliffside, the first to speak being the grey-eyed goddess Athēnē. The gall first appears as a small wart on the bark. The first passage quoted as poetry is actually prose.

Begin your meditations by contemplating the first card of the suit of Fire. After moving obliquely from your first firing position, direct a stream of fluid into a storage volume at a first angle, and a second stream of fluid at a second angle to induce a rotational flow of fluidized sludge.

The first day of building the chair is spent riving the green log with an axe. Winner for Best First Novel, with a 200,000-copy first printing and a seven-city tour, it describes the basic model of a robot traversing a graph which resembles the wood she traverses in the first cantos.

His first meeting with Renfield begins as the camera traces, in a long following shot, his descent to the first of two spiral gardens at Chelsea. The First Page setting refers to the first page of the document or the first page of a section.

First, the abdominal breath, and then the chest breath. The first words spring like flint shards from the axe. The somnambulist carries the sentence to his forehead, and after some effort mentions the three first letters.

The dumptrucking moon troubles the streets in first gear. The first volume consists of a collection of obituaries from a first-person perspective. It seems on first reading a bad poem, but does that mean it is actually doing something good? The seal face causes the seal liquid to be released first, indicating a seal failure.


Giles Goodland lives in London and works as a researcher in historical linguistics. His last book was The Masses from Shearsman. HIs next book Civil Twilight is forthcoming from Parlor Press in 2021.