Fat Girl Gets Invited to Her Skinny Family’s Reunion


Melt ego for money. I place the table-
           spoons of butter on my tongue.

This year, I am thankful
for the way I matter more than my mother
screaming        Where did I go wrong?

We have each received some proof of what we would do for $20.  

Disdain sounds                                     better
                 behind                                 nervous                       

Her daughter almost ate a pat of butter
for only a fiver.
This year we must celebrate bravery.

I would never.
I would never.            
                       You would, though.

                       It is easy       
                       to bury the ego.

Desire drowned         like lobster:

                       It is the butter’s whim
                       to melt from the heat
                       of a hungry girl’s mouth.

Yes, I am the fat one here, but somebody has to be.

My mother’s tongue, greased in demand
Don’t be   precious;    we all lick lips for control.
Here!       Open           I wish to see

She slickens in the spittle of my laughter.



DEVIANT is an American writer best known for their poetry and memoir-hybrids. They believe in the power of words, silence, and the transfiguration of that which is impolite to publicize but far too important to repress. Find them on Twitter @darlingknife.